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Helping Cats and Dogs since 2012

Hey there! We are a small, family and employee owned pet store that focuses its efforts on canine and feline research to deliver the most convenient, inexpensive, and quality products to busy pet parents like you!

  • Enriching Toys

    We've got treats for the goodest boys (and girls), games, puzzles, and enrichment toys that are perfect to tame the wildest beast...no matter what the weather!

  • Healthy Treats

    Bon-a-pet-treat! We are pawsitively health conscious here! You're a few clicks away from an endless supply of treats and supplements for all your pet's essentials!

  • Pooch Attire

    Whether your furry friend is big or small, we have a wide range of sizes to fit all breeds. From warm jackets to trendy t-shirts, our pet clothes come in a variety of colors and patterns. Upgrade your pet's wardrobe today and keep them looking their best at all times!