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Cat Litter Doughnut Refresher 4pk

Cat Litter Doughnut Refresher 4pk

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This cat litter deodorizer is a simple and effective way to improve the odor control in the litter box area and enhance the overall litter box experience for both you and your cat.



  1. Odor control: The main purpose of this cat litter deodorizer is to control and neutralize unpleasant odors from the cat litter box.

  2. Scent: This 4 pack of deodorizers has a pleasant fragrance that helps to freshen up the litter box area.

  3. Absorption: They contain absorbent materials that help to keep the litter drier and reduce moisture-related odors.

  4. Dust control: Formulated to reduce dust and make litter change-outs cleaner and easier.

  5. Natural ingredients: Natural and organic options that use ingredients such as baking soda and non-toxic essential oils to control odors.

  6. Convenient packaging: These deodorizers come in a cute variety of kawaii shaped and colored doughnuts.

  7. Compatibility with different litter types: It's important to choose a deodorizer that is compatible with the type of litter you use in order to avoid clumping or other issues. You will have no problem with this deodorizer being compatible with most litters!

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