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Door Handle Catnip Ball

Door Handle Catnip Ball

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Unleash your feline's wild side with the Door Handle Catnip Ball! This ball is the purr-fect toy for cats who love to play and pounce. Simply attach the ball to any door handle and watch as your kitty goes wild with excitement. So why settle for a boring old toy when you can give your feline friend a door-to-door adventure with the Door Handle Catnip Ball?


  1. Attaches easily to any door handle, providing a fun and interactive play experience.
  2. Filled with potent catnip, driving cats wild with excitement.
  3. Durable and made from high-quality materials, ensuring it can stand up to even the most enthusiastic play.
  4. Provides mental stimulation and helps to satisfy a cat's hunting instincts.
  5. Great for solo play or interactive play with owners.
  6. Lightweight and easy to store, making it the perfect toy for homes with limited space.
  7. Machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  8. Available in a variety of bright and eye-catching colors, making it easy for cats to spot and engage with.
  9. Perfect for cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes.
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