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Pool Party Fountain Mat

Pool Party Fountain Mat

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Guaranteed fun for your furry friend!

Are you ready to give your furry friend endless fun? With our innovative and unique pool fountain mat, not only is the fun factor  very important,  it also offers  the security that our furry friend drinks enough and has perfect  comfort thanks to a soft and non-slip base. 



The perfect solution!

Immediate cooling and guaranteed fun! The robust, environmentally friendly and BPA-free PVC material allows our furry friends optimal refreshment and direct fun. Water is an element that all four-legged friends love and splashing around in the pool fountain will  make everyone smile. The fountain function provides additional excitement when the water splashes out of small nozzles and offers hours of activity and guaranteed fun.

The pool fountain mat is set up in just 3 steps .
Completely without air supply!
1. Place the seals and tighten them ✔️
2. Attach the hose ✔️
3. Let the water flow! ✔️


That's why our pool fountain is so loved!

✔️ Cooling down and guaranteed fun
✔️  Direct drinking option  to avoid dehydration
✔️ Safe splashing thanks to non-slip and robust PVC material
✔️ Also perfect for children 
✔️  Dogs love water - promotes activity and mental health
✔️ Collapsible and can be used from anywhere

All four-legged friends love our pool fountain

Our pool fountain is not only a perfect fun factor but also promotes physical activity and mobility.  Your four-legged friend will enjoy the challenge of jumping through the sprinklers, speeding through the water and enjoying the fun.

Frequently asked Questions:

What material is the pool fountain mat made of?
✔️  Our environmentally friendly pool fountain consists of a 0.55 mm thick and durable PVC material, which means that your four-legged friend's claws are no problem even with normal use.

Is the material harmful?
 No way! As absolute dog lovers, we guarantee 100% environmentally friendly and BPA-free material.
Is the pool fountain mat non-slip?
 The pool fountain mat is non-slip and made of durable and scratch-resistant PVC material

Do I need an extra air pump?
✔️ No air pump is needed. The pool fountain mat is built up by the water supply. 
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